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Note from 4/16/2024:

Today, a hero NYPD officer is being prosecuted for a brawl in Manhattan after he was fired for breaking the Blue Wall of Silence. Alvin Bragg is supervising his prosecution, and both Mayor Eric Adams and Police Commissioner Edward Caban have done nothing to protect him.

When Steve Lee ran for Assembly, the real Frank Serpico endorsed him because of his work to root out corruption in the NYPD, earning him the nickname the Asian Serpico.

Many corruption fighters had high hopes that Alvin Bragg would make a significant impact in rooting out corrupt practices in Manhattan. However, it is disheartening to see that he is targeting the very NYPD officers who had the courage to speak out, a quality that should be commended.

We need a District Attorney with the courage to do their job and prosecute the right people.

Signed: Theo Chino

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