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This website was started on 11/18/2015 and updated on 1/25/2016 by Theo Chino.

Event for February 23rd, 2016
Don't Break our Phone at the 5th avenue Apple Store.

    On Saturday, February 27, at 4 pm we are organizing a gathering to discuss what is next.

    Location: Grand Central Bottom of the Stairs to the Apple Store.

    More detail at the Meetup Page.

    You stood in the rain at the Apple Store, then what?

    What is the next step for us New Yorkers in this debate? What do we want?

      I would like for the Manhattan District Attorney to stop considering New Technologies as something to fear. I believe he has done somewhat a good job in other areas but that he is on the wrong side of the argument in the fight between Apple and the FBI.

      This is an exploratory committee to see if there is a grassroots movement to find a candidate for the next Manhattan District Attorney on topics that interest us; and one of them being Full Disk Encryption.

      The goal of this website is currently to be informative (and therefore is a bit dry.)

      Saturday, I will publish a conference phone number where you will be able to participate in the discussion. We don't want to make too much noise in the Grand Central hall.

      Please signup on the Meetup Page and let show the DA that if he doesn't change is stance on Phone Encryption, we will then work in getting a New York DA that understand technology.

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Ressources: Copy of the speech I am reading at the Manhattan Comunity Boards
Numbers: New York City Elections Results

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